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Detailing An Air Force One Aircraft

Aircraft detailing has an appeal to it and for good reason. Airplane detailing can be a profitable niche within the detailing industry but be aware...aircraft detailing has it challenges and you better know what those challenges are early in your plans to detail aircraft.

If you are thinking of detailing aircraft, you need to be educated! knowing the proper chemicals that work on aircraft and understanding the processes to work both safely and effectively on aircraft. It means knowing what chemicals and methods have the potential to cause damage and what products will provide you with perfection within your aircraft detailing efforts.

    A Golfstream Following Our Services  

    We train a wide variety of people and organizations   

      • FBO's looking to improve or develop their aircraft detailing skills

      • Independent Detailers looking to expand into aircraft detailing

      • Business people looking to start an aircraft detailing business

      • Flight crews looking for advanced training to maintain their aircraft properly

      • Product developers looking to learn more about their own and competing products

    • We train using the most effective and advance techniques available

    Detailing Very Rare Aircraft Is What We Do Best! 




      Desire to learn more about the aircraft detailing business opportunity?

      Aircraft detailing is much more then simply washing an aircraft and than slapping some wax on the paint. did you know that some areas of the aircraft should never be waxed or sealed? did you know that common degreaser's can not only damage aircraft paint but can cause serious damage to both the aircrafts aluminum or composite skin and the actual frame within the aircraft. Did you know that some aircraft have areas that are very prone to damage if steps are not taken to protect these areas?

      We teach flight crews, FBO operators and professional detailers the important steps and proper aircraft skills when it comes to detailing.




      Dry wash, wet wash, storm water run off issues, wax, sealer, bright-work polishing, dealing with wool carpets, landing gear precautions, TKS edges, FOD issues, hydrogen embrittlement, static port compromising...these are just a few of the topics that should flash HUGE warning signs in front of people before they start working on aircraft! We work with a wide range of individuals and organizations at securing their knowledge within aircraft detailing at a safe and profitable level of professionalism.







      Learn more about our aircraft detail here!

      Turbo%20Prop.JPGSome of the aircraft we are requested to detail have paint that is ten to twenty years old and reviving that paint is a challenge. most aircraft are painted with a single stage paint and one needs to know their stuff before you tackle a paint restoration project on a plane.

      we are called to work on all types and sizes of aircraft and each paint situation we face is unique in one form or another and takes a great deal of knowledge to get that aircraft looking great in both a safe and profitable manner. Anyone can detail a plane...few detail aircraft in a safe fashion while making a profit at it.


      A%20Polished%20Cessna%20180.jpgPolishing aluminum is one of the toughest and most challenging aspects of aircraft detailing. many issues can arise from issues with damaging the clad finish to uneven finishing. 

      I have been polishing metals for over 20 years...first as a teenager lucky enough to have someone teach me, then as a serious enthusiast and then as a sough after professional. I must admit, of all the service we perform, metal polishing is second on the list of the most challenging aspect of our business...I will let your mind work on what is the largest challenge!


      Aircraft detailing is a very difficult business that seems very sexy and profitable and the allure of large cash flows draws in the majority of those looking to join the ranks as professional aircraft detailers. BUT...there are several factors that one needs to look at before leaping into aircraft detailing. while we and a handful of others have done well within the aircraft detailing industry, most fail...taking the proper steps and becoming educated may save you from becoming a statistic.

      We work on all levels of can too!