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If you are looking to gain knowledge within the auto detailing industry by attending detail training, you have come to the right auto detailing training site as Attention To Details and its Founder Renny Doyle are leaders within developing some of the top performing (and earning) detailers in the world! 



Prepping a car is one of the most important steps within the detail. We cover items such as claying the paint, taping the car, over-spray removal and hard water spot removal. Here Lon works with his staff at prepping a truck! The Prep Step is VERY important! Knowing what you are dealing with paint wise is also important. After the prep, we will teach you to inspect and evaluate the paint. Knowing how to correct paint can not be done until you are aware of the issues at hand.

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Most inspect the paint from feet or maybe inches away. We teach you to inspect the paint at a level that most have never witnessed!


When you inspect paint correctly, you can see things that most detailers have never seen before and if they have, they have no idea of what they are looking at! We know and you can too!


Clear coat coverage issues are not only important technical issues but also has a "profit" side to them! As you can see, professional auto detailing is much more involved then most think! Keep gets more interesting!

Correct engine detailing is an important part of many detailing packages. Most are lost when it comes to engine detailing! There are various levels of engine detailing and doing this step safely is at the center of our we teach you to make engines look fantastic while spending very little time doing so!

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Wet sanding is an important part of high end detailing and know when to wet sand and when not to wet sand is just as important as knowing how to wet sand. Wet sanding is a part of my three day auto detailing training and a big part of my four and five day training courses. This rear trunk lid was wet sanded, cut, polished and finished by one of our students who did a great can too!


For me, my high speed polisher has allowed me to perform and earn at above average levels! High Speed polishing is an art and central to your success! That is why the largest amount of time is spent on paint perfection skills!


I am changing methods all the time, I work endlessly on finding the best methods, products and additional items such as pads to make your detailing efforts easier and the results better!



Another massive challenge within professional detailing is proper and safe stain removal! Auto Manufactures are using some real junk today when it comes to upholstery and carpet.



Being able to identify the type of stain and then using the right products and methods is key to your stain removal success!


Interior detailing is huge...why? It's where our clients spend all their time and they see every inch! Steam is not an option...steam is a must!

Steam is used on nearly every interior surface and cleans door panels, dashes, leather, carpet and headliner!

Removing deep stains such as heavy grease, red dyes and rust stains from car carpets should be very, very important to details. While some can get these stains out, most do so incorrectly and thus cause more damage then good! We are all about safe, effective and fast stain removal! I stand ready to share with you my years of busting the worst stains you can imagine!


Now we will start to finish the detailing process. The right finish is very important. Just look at the above two photos of the same car...the photo on the left is how "the other guys do it!"

Above we are performing more finishing detailing on automobiles. To the left we cleaned a convertible top and then treated the convertible top! In the middle photo, we polished aluminum and on the photo to the right we are cleaning ever inch of the paint. True detailing success is in the finish work!

Headlight refinishing can be and should be part of every professional shop. This is an easy step to learn and the profits that can be realized are very rewarding!

Detailing some finishes or vehicle types can be very challenging. Paint defects on some vehicles such as the Corvette, the classic muscle car or the custom chopper in the above photos should be taken very seriously! One wrong move can cost YOU thousands in damages!



Some of you reading may be dealing with dealerships or you are planning to launch or grow into dealership detailing. This level of the industry has its positives and negatives.  For most, dealership works is not profitable but for a select few, dealership work is at the center of their business and they make a nice living from this work.  Dealership work is fast and inexpensive but do not let that mislead you, while the skill level is not as demanding as it is for other levels of detailing, the know-how is much more important. One must "know how" to perform at a level that both satisfies the dealership while allow you, the detailer to profit. Its harder then it sounds but with over two decades of servicing dealership, I have a winning plan for you!

The Express Detail is very misunderstood! Car washes coined this service many years ago. Nearly five years ago, we set out to redefine what an Express Detail is!  I am pleased to tell you that entry level service is one the highest earners we offer but it took years for us to work out the bugs and make this service what it is today! We love teaching this level of detailing to our students simply due to the fact that is such a customer pleaser!


It seems today that every Tom, Dick and Harry is a "Concours Level Detailer" but in reality most have a hard time detailing at the level of our Deluxe Detail. This is our most common retail level detail. We have designed it to make detailing customers say "wow!" But that "WOW" does not take all day to archive because we have designed this detail to be fast yet effective and the "WOWS" keep coming!  Most detailers  over perform while they under earn! We are doing more with this level of detail then in my entire time of being around detailing (and that's over 25 years) and we are doing it faster and better!

When I detail for celebrity types or serious collectors, this is the level most go with. This level of detailing is what many call a concours detail but in reality, concourse detailing is far, far more involved! Yet, in most cases, the skills needed for my Signature level detail are far greater!  A true signature detail is where I put my personal name to the job, no staff, no helpers, just me and the automobile!  The demands are great and many times this level of detailing calls for a solid amount of wet sanding and high speed paint correction on the outside with advanced stain removal and blending on the interior! Also, finishing a Signature detail is not like your average detailing project. Let me teach you this level of detailing so you can put your name on every job and be proud!


PLEASE READ: Concours level detailing is a rare level of detailing that not all markets will support, so very few of those I train will ever need to perform at this level.  The Concours level of detailing takes far more then just skill. Its a blend of automobile knowledge as you must understand a wide range of automobiles and how they should be corrected, polished to refinement and finished to perfection! I have spent up to sixty man-hours on this level of detail on automobiles and over seven hundred man-hours on aircraft!  This is a level of detail that few can afford or really desires? In addition,  the way in which I finish a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle and a 2009 Bugatti Veyron are worlds apart! If you desire to learn at the true concours level...plan on spending ten-days with me...its that involved!


While you will have already sent us a brief biography, we will both take a few moments to learn about one another. I will provide you with a brief introduction and explain my background and the systems I have used to succeed within business. We then jump right into showing you some of the technical tricks of the trade to mix things up a little. We spend a great deal of time together talking about the business of detailing for three entire days!

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  • Discuss how to gain customers and keep them
  • Target Marketing
  • The Sales Process
  • Selling 90% of your phone estimates
  • The business of detailing. The behind the scenes items that will assist you at succeeding
  • The forms and paperwork of detailing
  • Useful business tools
  • Licensing/Permits
  • Insurance
  • Product Labeling, storage and MSDS
  • EPA/Water Run Off Issues and Water Reclaiming systems
  • The Science of detailing
  • Describe your business plan to Renny So we can discuss on how to best obtain your goals!
  • The Detailing Process and The Importance of Establishing Systems.
  • The Detail Process- Utilizing the proper order and establishing your own detailing system. This is what makes and breaks detailers. Do you want to earn a wage or do you want to make money?
  • Product Descriptions and their proper uses
  • Introduction and Experimentation with the tools and equipment that will be used during day two and day three. This session allows you to see and learn what is what and understand why we use those tools and for what purposes.
  • Introduction to the interior stain removal systems, products and open discussion about the equipment used and why.In addition you will be exposed to the different levels of compounds, polishes, sealers and wax and the related paint perfection pads and tools that will also to you to perform at the highest level possible.
  • The Products of Interior Detailing
  • The use of extractors Within Detailing
  • The use of Vapor Steamers –We provide advanced instruction on steamer usage and are one of the few professional trainers with the experience to do so.
  • Odor Elimination Systems- Chemicals, Bombs, Foggers and Ozone Machines
  • The Interior Process- Developing Systems within your detailing will make you money!
  • Vacuuming
  • Advanced Stain Removal
  • Cleaning The Nooks and Crannies
  • Carpet and Upholstery Stain Removal and General Deep Cleaning
  • Advance Leather Care
  • Dressing the Interior
  • Red Stain Removal
  • Final Inspection
  • The Prep Work
  • Road Paint, Bug, Tar and Bird Dropping Removal
  • Engine Detailing
  • Wheel Cleaning
  • The Wheel Wells
  • The Wash
  • The Use of Clay
  • Use of Polishers (Porter Cable DA, Cyclo and High Speed Polishers)
  • High Speed buffing and polishing to perfection
  • Finishing & paint correction processes
  • Wet Sanding Techniques (For those that are progressing quickly)
  • Scratch Removal
  • Swirl Removal
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Other Paint Defects
  • High Speed Polishing
  • Working with the Porter Cable DA
  • The Cyclo Polisher
  • Reviving plastics
  • Metal Polishing
  • Dressing the trim
  • Door Jams
  • Cleaning up splatter
  • Wheel Polishing
  • Tire Dressing
  • Window and mirror cleaning
  • What to leave behind
  • What not to leave behind
  • Final Inspection

What sets us apart from others who provide auto detail training? Few have succeeded within owning, running and building a profitable detail business...we have and can assist you at enjoying the success we ourselves have built within our own detailing businesses and the businesses of our many affiliates and students worldwide! Our blend of technical skill training along with business, marketing and sales training is 100% unique within the auto detailing training industry.


No class room…no car hoods on stands, we work on real cars and learn real skills! I don’t just teach you on the equipment I prefer but on each piece of equipment available within the industry. We spend 8 hours a day teaching you the skills needed to perform and the benefits of this training are simply; you are being instructed by someone who is a detail business owner.


I train you on a level that promotes performance and problem solving abilities. Detailing is never the same and each project will offer unique challenges.

We teach skills that promote success...


Within the above photo, Renny is problem solving a situation while working on the famed Concord Jet.


Detailing within Attention To Details goes back some 25 years but our true success was not realized until the late 90's after years and years of education and learning.


Renny has been called upon to work on some of the worlds most expensive and rare collector vehicles...why...Renny's understanding of how business works and the important steps that must be taken to succeed.


While detailing skills have played a massive part in our success, the business skills we have obtained over the past quarter century are what has driven our true success. Within our trainings, we aim at assisting you at developing your business skills and knowledge.

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March 2009

Dear Diane and Renny,

I had an amazing time while in attending your Attention to Details Training. Your experience and passion of detailing combined with your knowledge of business that was imparted to me will set me apart from my competition. The confidence that I feel is priceless. For all of you detailers just starting out or for the advanced looking to expand and sharpen your skills, Attention to Details is the best step you can take in detail training. Thanks again for all that you do to serve the detailing community. I can't wait for future training. I love you and God bless!P.S.I'm still trying to get that "Camel Walk"down!LOL

Ron Punch
Punch's Smooth Touch Auto Detailing
Cedar Hill, Tx


Here is something I posted on our forum and many have asked me to put this here for those new to detailing

If one was to bring the most notable detailers in the world all into one location...let's say 50 of the top performers who have performed on amazing vehicles...I would hope that my skills, training, practice and abilities would include me within that group.

I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours into building and marketing my detailing skills and talents nationally and internationally.

Yet...without a solid understand of business those skills would mean very little in reality. If you are a top rated detailer with little "real" business skills/knowledge, your chance of survival is slim.

On the other hand, if you understand the systems and processes of detailing and know what the average detailing consumer desires yet your skills are simply average yet your business savvy is extraordinary...this person will win both the business and financial security battle.

Now join in the passion and knowledge together and watch out...that is a detailing professional that will be among the best and most profitable combined.

Show Car Finish is a small part of retail detailing...consumer based detailing is where most businesses are made...and regretfully where most detailers fail. While I am addicted to shine...I am more so addicted to my families financial health and the health of our company while keeping our clients satisfied!

Many detailers detail to compete with other detailers...I detail to satisfy my clients desires...most desire that their car is clean, shinny and the interior is fresh and clean.

Most of those I mentor are business people first...detailers second. For some this works...for others they simply can not get over the addiction to shine and therefore "over perform" within their services which in turn means they under perform within the financial aspect of their business...the key is developing services that allow you to feed any detailing appetite.

One of my earlier mentors once told me..."I would rather buy a decent $15.00 steak for lunch then eat a free hot dog". What did he mean by that? He meant he would rather pay a little higher price for quality and get what he wants!

Know who your clients are and what they want and deliver that detailing product at a price that offers value to both you and your client!

Then duplicate your high level of service to each and every client and build a solid repeat and referral business within your business...those two items are key to any service business.

Sorry so long worded...I simply think its important that people know its not hard to learn how to takes time and education but building a detailing business that is "profitable" and successful is a challenge that is not secured by simply being a good detailer.

Want some interesting about Colonel Sanders; the Founder of KFC. What a great story about education and passion combined.

Thanks for the opportunity to share...
Renny Doyle
Attention To Details
High Performance Auto-Aircraft-Harley-RV Detailing
"Detailers of Air Force One"


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