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There are so many myths out there about professional auto detailing that these myths can make your head spin!

I am getting ready to bust many of those myths wide open! Here are some of the topics I will be covering within a new report I am constructing with the help of several professional detailers from within the industry!

  • How Hard Is Detailing To Succeed Within As A Business?
  • Is High Speed Paint Correction An Important Eliment?
  • Why So Many Are Still "Old School" Detailing Vs. Using New Technoligy?
  • What Really Makes A Successful Detailing Business?
  • Fixed or Mobile Detailing - The Facts About Both!
  • What Markets Support Detailing Businesses.
  • The "Just Two Cars A Day" Sales Approach
  • How Soon Can I Realize Profits?
  • What Services Sell?
  • What Ads Work?
  • Are The Yellow Pages Worthy?
  • How Important Is Green Detailing In Reality?

Plus Much, Much More! Will be Released Soon But Until then...

Detailing Success Could Be Yours...

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Attention to details knows what it takes to succeed within detailing. our growth within detailing was not always easy, we struggled yet were able to connect and build a solid business for not only our own locations but many, many people launching their own detailing business. attention to details offers the support of a franchise without the binding contracts, loss of profits from paying royalties and the up front cost related to a franchise...your name...your business...your profits and they all belong to you! Attention To Details is here to help detailers grow and prosper within their detailing businesses and our training can assist you at both making more profits while saving you money within your auto detailing efforts.


Below are some of the most common questionswe hear from those looking into the detailing industry and we can help you decide if the detailing industry is right for You!

  1. Who makes a great detail business owner?
  2. Is detailing a young persons game?
  3. What kind of capital do I need to start a detailing business?
  4. Can detailing really support my income needs?
  5. How important is your market selection?
  6. What skills are a must for me to succeed within detailing?


Actual Profits = Most new detailing businesses fail to obtain a real level of profitability and even fewer allow the owner a rewarding income. Our locations, affiliates and students realize far higher levels of successthen the majority of new detailing business start-ups and we can assist you at realizing your goals.


Real Detailing Skills That allow you to perform as a professional = Did you know that one of the most common statements we here from those who decide to not seek out professional detail trainingis... "i have detailed my own cars for years and do a great job and even have people ask me to do their cars" Guess what...0ver 95% of those that make such a statement have disconnected business phone numbers withinone year of making that statement to us.The Auto Detailing industry is a fantasticbusiness opportunity when you plan, train andorganize your business...attention to details can help!


Realistic start-up cost = some organizations will sell you group trainings (20-30 students all fighting for five seconds of instructor time)and support marketing materials that do one thing...line their pockets with your cash. we know what it takes and can assist you at gettingyour business off the groundwithin a budget that is realistic and proven.


At home business opportunity = are you looking for a low overhead business? We help people each and everyday at developing a business that supportsa lifestyle that is rewarding for you and your family. A business opportunity is not only about money, a business opportunity is how will that business effect your life.


A business that can promote your desired lifestyle = are you running a fixed detail location (brick and mortar) or a mobile detail business or is that business running you? most detail shop owners are ran by their business...why work for wages or long unproductive hours? Detailing is labor intensive but over the course of nearly a quarter of a century...we have worked and reworked the processes and systems that make detailing better and easier!


The above are just a few of the many great aspects of the detailing industry and attention to details can assist you at realizing your desires to own youthe business you have always desired.


Some of The Rewards Within Detailing

I have a passion for are not just a part of my career, its a part of my life. if you are looking for an affordable business opportunity with realistic capital demands, auto detailing and theniche sector detailing has to offer could be just what you are looking for!






Man that was a thrill to get into the incredible f-15 fighter jet. I love the detailing industry and if you love vehicles, this industry may be for you!


Group%20I.JPGYou are trained at the beginning of your business launch but that's not where the training stops...long term technical and business success training with yearly continued educational trainings are a standard we demand. Within these yearly trainings we instruct on the latest techniques that allow us to perform at higher then average levels within the detailing industry. Above is several of our team members along withrace car driver & business professional johnny unser.

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