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September 27, 2016
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July 24, 2017

Master Automotive & Aircraft Detailer Renny Doyle Forms Board of Directors to Oversee Business Activities for His Detail Mafia

BIG BEAR LAKE, CA July 12, 2017 — Famous for their exceptional skills at automotive and aircraft detailing, and their appearance at prestigious national, regional, and voluntary community detailing events and projects, Master automotive and aircraft detailer Renny Doyle announces the appointment of his first Board of Directors for his Detail Mafia. The 6-member Board, led by President, “Dirty Harry” Sandwith of Dirty Harry’s Detailing in Rochelle Park, NJ; and Vice-president, Jim Goguen of Jim’s Auto Installations & Detail Center in Ipswich, MA, will act as a governing entity for the long-established “brotherhood” of senior-level members of Renny Doyle’s Detailing Success Network, known as the Detail Mafia.

Other members of the Board include long-time Doyle acolytes Doug Parfitt of Eye For Detail in Pittsburgh, PA; Doug Cunningham of Absolute Shine Auto Spa in Sag Harbor, NY; Craig MacKay of Clean Planet Car Wash in Woodinville, WA; and Andrew Swenson of Wolfeboro Car Wash & Executive Detail in Wolfeboro, NH.

Detail Mafia members have been known to gather in regions across the country to participate in pro bono community projects like restoring historic airplanes and fire engines for museums; cleaning emergency vehicles after natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy; prepping multi-million-dollar car collections for auctions, car shows, and private collectors; and cleaning classic motorcycles for a Gold Star Mom, for celebrities like Bryan Fuller and Keanu Reeves; and for community police departments.

Renny's Detail Mafia has existed within Doyle’s Detailing Success Network for a decade. They are the most accomplished and technologically-advanced team of automotive detailers in the U.S., but they must prove themselves through a more than year-long dedication to the mentorship of others; the willingness to work on regional and local projects across state lines; a commitment to ongoing education; and active participation in national detailing events and projects, trade shows, seminars, and product/equipment demonstrations. They must show problem-solving skills and offer support for the business challenges detailers face daily.

Detail Mafia Membership requires being sponsored by a Detail Mafia member, and unanimous approval from all existing Board members. The Board members are made up of successful detailing business owners who have achieved the highest Master level of certification.

2017 will be the first time in 14 years Doyle, who is internationally known as the “Detailer of Air Force One”, will let his newly formed Detail Mafia BOD organize, manage, and supervise the 50 handpicked Detailing Success certified detailers who are headed to Seattle’s Museum of Flight next week, July 24-30. They will be detailing the original presidential jet Air Force One and 16 other historic aircraft on display at the museum.

The Detail Mafia’s leadership role frees Doyle up to work more closely with the newest members of the team, all of whom were chosen for their exceptional skill more than their experience detailing aircraft.

“I have been thinking about forming a Board of Directors for a couple of years to help manage and organize these high-profile detailing projects where I am pulled in too many directions,” says Doyle. “Our group has been so successful and grown in size and diversity so that it is difficult for me to manage it on my own.”

“Our mission is to ensure that all our detailers are expertly trained and follow Renny’s proven approach to high-end detailing, and his advice on how to build a successful and profitable detailing business that assures customers a quality experience,” says new president, Harry Sandwith. “The automotive appearance industry is fluid and we must all be committed to ongoing education, regardless of how long we have been detailing. We must be dedicated as a group to using only the most innovative equipment, professional-grade products, and advanced paint correction and polishing techniques.”

“When you are dealing with multimillion-dollar museum aircraft like those at the Museum of Flight; or automobiles like those we work on at Monterey Car Week every August, we require strict, enforceable rules and a commitment to quality we can trust,” says vice-president Jim Goguen.

The Board will also enforce all membership rules, ensure camaraderie among the membership, make referrals within the network, and guarantee there is no encroachment on fellow detailer’s territory in local markets.

The Detail Mafia was born from an industry magazine interview. "I was talking to some of your detailers out on the floor (at SEMA) today about their knowledge and skill at detailing," the magazine writer said. "I was amazed at how little they have to say about it, and how humble these successful business professionals are. They are kind of close-lipped about it."

"Not really," Doyle quipped. "They are just a lot like the Mafia. They are more action than talk."

Born into a first-generation migrant Italian family on his mother's side, stories had passed down through the generations that Doyle’s grandfather was a member of the Mafia during the 1930s through the 1950s. Renny barely remembers him but transformed his concept of "Family" loyalty into a force for good by setting aside an elite subset of the Detailing Success Network as ‘made-men’ of the detailing family.

For more information on the Detail Mafia and its new Board of Directors, contact Harry Sandwith at (732) 687-2391, or Kimberly Ballard at (256) 653-4003.

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