Meet Renny Doyle

Renny Doyle is a Master level automotive & aircraft detailer & detailing trainer

In 1979, a scrappy 13-year-old Renny Doyle followed an airplane to the local airport riding his bicycle. With an adolescent's logic and mesmerized by the landing and take-off of those magnificent flying machines, he spent most of his time underfoot, hoping someone would take him up flying.

One day, a rather intimidating pilot approached him and suggested he make himself useful washing cars. Unknown to Renny, that man was aviation legend, Art Scholl. As irony would have it, Renny spent more time washing cars for pilots and flying students than he did airplanes, but Scholl and his staff did reward him for his work by taking him flying!

It changed Renny's life forever!

Over the next couple of years, Renny and some of his friends began cleaning Pinto stock cars for race car drivers at the National Orange Show Speedway in San Bernardino. "I would have done it for free just to spend time down in the pits, but having money in my pocket for doing something I loved told me a lot," Renny says.

Personal Life

Married to his business partner, Diane, Renny is a dedicated family man with four children. Ironically, even though his training is heavy on hard work, he stresses during training the importance of spending time with family. In fact, he welcomes spouses if they want to come and observe training, and teaches ways for detailers to work smarter, specifically so they do not sacrifice family time during the building of their business. Renny remains very active in his children's lives, and all of them are excellent detailers in their own right.

Two of Renny and Diane's children are active duty military and a third is on a full ride Air Force scholarship with her sights set on being an officer in the United States Air Force. Renny himself is a member of the California National Guard Reserves and professionally-trained in Search and Rescue (SAR). Coming to the aid of people in distress or imminent danger is a much-needed service in the breathtakingly beautiful, but sometimes treacherous snowy San Bernardino Mountain wilderness where Detailing Success is located.

Active duty and retired law enforcement, emergency services technicians, firefighters, and military veterans are a large and welcomed segment of detailers attracted to Detailing Success. Veterans are the only detailers allowed to detail the American flag on the vertical stabilizer of Air Force One, going up in a cherry picker to do so. It has become a tradition every year to honor vets with that opportunity.

The Detailing Success Swirl Assault Vehicle is designed and named in honor of military and law enforcement services. Furthermore, Renny and Diane lost her brother as a war veteran and they both do advocacy work and fund-raising to benefit veteran's charities in San Bernardino County.

Attention to Details

For over 38 years, Renny has used his wide-ranging knowledge of the automotive appearance industry to work on some of the finest and rarest automobiles and aircraft in the world. He has offered his detailing services worldwide to automotive and aircraft collectors, business leaders, and celebrities alike.

In 1997, Renny and Diane moved to Sun Valley, Idaho where they opened the first Attention to Details shop. It was a prosperous time for franchising and Renny began training serious detailers who are interested in ensuring quality as well as profitability.

"High-end automotive detailing is a skill, and a very challenging one to master," he admits. "My teaching method is simple, but it is also intense, not meant for the faint of heart. The teams I train go on to great things in the automotive, aircraft, motorcycle, and marine detailing industries because they have developed an eye for precision and an inherent appreciation for the beautiful machines in front of them. There is no room for mistakes on a multi-million-dollar sports car or an icon of American aviation history."

In 2005, Renny began teaching the art of detailing and paint correction to those who are serious about learning about detailing at a level that delivers higher than average results and profits.

How to Start a Home-based Detailing Business

In 2012, Renny published his first book explaining how automotive detailing can be a decidedly profitable home-based business. In a conversational manner, How to Start a Home-based Car Detailing Business takes the reader systematically through the process of building from scratch, or transitioning a beloved detailing hobby, into a reputable, profitable professional detailing business. Renny takes the reader through all phases of setting up and running a thriving home-based business, from estimating start-up costs to opening the doors. The book includes profiles of professional detailers and business professionals who share valuable insight on owning a business, and guides you on how to buy the best equipment, how to establish a solid sales system, and explores web-based and traditional marketing methods to help you grow and expand your own home-based car detailing business.

Throughout the book, Doyle provides worksheets and forms to help you get started including suggested Vehicle Evaluation forms, Sales Forecasts, Cash Flow Projection worksheets, Sample Estimate worksheets, a Sample Bid with recommended Invoice, and Client Check-In Form. It has become a must-have for car enthusiasts considering getting into the detailing business, or for those who are considering taking their existing detailing business to a higher, more profitable level.

Training, mentoring, and coaching both novice and professionals alike, Detailing Success has reached across the globe to share his experience. Detailers certified by Renny Doyle's Detailing Success are living out their dreams working on the most beautiful vehicles on the planet, making high profits and finding professional respect in the detailing experience.

Renny teaches detailers how automotive paint reacts with the environment, and how to guard against the damage it can cause. He knows the best products and the best equipment to use because he has used and tested them all. And believe it or not, he still continues to learn himself!

Renny attends as many events as possible and encourages his certified detailers to do the same, and in fact it is part of the requirements to attend at least two outside events and meetings a year because it gives his students such a significant competitive advantage.

The Official Air Force One Detailing Team

The prestige began in 2003 when Renny received a phone call from a top Bush Administration official, asking him to put his skills to work restoring the original presidential jet Air Force One. The historic plane had been recently acquired by Seattle's Museum of Flight and it was in terrible condition. Renny and his wife Diane and a handful of very seasoned detailers made the trip to Seattle every couple of years to try and restore and protect the iconic plane's deteriorating paint.

In 2011, five years after he first tackled the prestigious but highly challenging job of restoring the retired Air Force One presidential jet, Renny began building annual teams of the best detailers from his classes across the globe, to make the annual trip to Seattle. Renny and his teams have not only spent more than a decade caring for the plane, but they have also detailed many additional aircraft at museums all over the US including the Concorde, WWII Bombers, and a collection of Boeing's finest!