'Gangsta' when it comes to detailing!

It began in an interview with an industry magazine writer. "I was talking to some of your detailers out on the floor today about their knowledge and skill at detailing," the writer said. "I was amazed at how little they have to say about it, and how humble these successful business professionals are. They are kind of close-lipped about it."

"Not really," Renny quipped. "They are just a lot like the Mafia. They are more action than talk."

The writer laughed out loud and responded, "A Detail Mafia!"

The irony was not lost on Renny. Born into a first-generation migrant Italian family on his mother's side, stories had been passed down through the generations that his grandfather was a member of the Mafia during the 1930s through the 1950s. Although he barely knew him, Renny transformed the concept of "Family" loyalty into a force for good by setting aside an elite subset of the Detailing Success membership who could earn their place as a member of the "Family" ... that is ... a member of the Detail Mafia!

Who Are the Detail Mafia?

The Detail Mafia is a Family. They are an exclusive group of detailers, each of whom has had to prove themselves 'Made-Men' in order to become a member. Renny's Detail Mafia are the most accomplished and technologically-advanced team of automotive detailers in the U.S. They must prove themselves through a more than year-long dedication to the mentorship of others; the willingness to work on regional and local projects across state lines; their commitment to ongoing education, trade show appearances, seminars, special events, and product/equipment demonstrations; and their outward show of exceptional leadership and professional skills.

Detail Mafia members compete in periodic weekend-long Detailing Challenges with each other to solve car appearance problems like damaged paint, oxidized metals, and removing difficult stains and odors — all to keep their detailing and paint correction skills honed sharp!

Detail Mafia members have been known to gather in regions across the country from where they live to participate in pro bono community projects like restoring historic airplanes and fire engines for museums; cleaning emergency vehicles after natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy; prepping multi-million-dollar car collections for auctions, car shows, and private collectors; and to clean a 2010 Harley Ultra Classic Trike for a Gold Star Mom who rode it in honor of her son in the New Jersey Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom.

Detail Mafia members must be willing to train others and be committed to the Mafia Family first, that is, refer customers to other Detail Mafia members first, especially if you have a business lead in a city where a Mafia member has a business.

Detail Mafia members are artisans in the care and maintenance of automotive paint and automotive interiors.

  • I trained with Renny 5 years ago and since then, we have been on fire! I did the solo training with him. Being part of the Detail Mafia is the best, as well as hanging out with the longtime guys!
    Bill the "Buff Man" Quinn
    Bill the Buff Man Auto Detailing, Ephrata, WA
  • Renny Doyle is one of the top 10 detailers in the world in my opinion. It was a true honor to be able to learn from one of the best. Renny and Diane bent over backwards to help me out during my visit, and being part of his Detail Mafia has been a boon to my business. I highly recommend to anyone who wants the best of the best in terms of training and support for auto detailing. Since my training with Renny, I’ve gone on to be the highest rated detailer in the Monterey peninsula, and now have two physical shops, one in Monterey and one in San Jose.
    Justin May
    Advanced Detailing LLC, Monterey & San Jose, CA
  • The thing people need to understand is that when you train with Renny, it's not over when you leave Big Bear. You've only just started the machine. Other companies will take your money and give you some training, but that's it. You're never going to hear from them again. With Renny and The Detail Mafia, we are constantly in contact through our private forum, continuing education opportunities, special detailing events, weekly webinars, and so much more. I couldn't imagine where my business would be without Renny, Diane, and the Detail Mafia.
    Doug Cunningham
    Absolute Shine Auto Spa, Sag Harbor, NY
  • Detailing Success and Detail Mafia members get to work booths at SEMA, detail multi-million-dollar vehicles at Monterey Car Week, the prestigious Quail event, McCall's Motorworks Revival event ... a big YES! I clearly recommend Renny!
    Doug Cunningham
    Absolute Shine Auto Spa, Sag Harbor, NY
  • I attended One-on-One training with Renny at the start of my detailing career. It was hands down the best thing I ever did for my detailing business. I had barely gotten off the ground before training with Renny. With what I learned during my time with him, my business just blew up. Business has been great ever since and it just keeps getting better due to my relationship with Renny and The Detail Mafia.
    Doug Cunningham
    Absolute Shine Auto Spa, Sag Harbor, NY
  • I cannot say enough about how private One-on-One training with Renny has helped my business! I knew little to nothing about detailing when I met Renny, and now I feel that I can tackle any job! Learning the skills that I have were just the beginning. The on-going support from being a part of The Detail Mafia, the networking with product manufacturers, and all of the projects I have been lucky enough to have been a part of, has absolutely catapulted my business further than I could have imagined!
    Robert Wiener
    Finer Details, West Long Branch, NJ