September 17, 2022 Chris Woolman

Chris’ Cool Cars: 2024 Ford Mustang

If 1964 seems like a long time ago, that’s because it was. When the all new 7th generation Mustang goes on sale in 2024, it will be the 60th anniversary of America’s favorite pony car.

There has been some odd iterations of the Mustang in the past 60 years (think Mustang II), but there has always been a Mustang in production. You can’t say that about its rival, the Chevy Camaro which is scheduled to end production again soon. In my book, that means Ford has won the pony car wars.

When the new Mustang arrives, it will launch with coupe of convertible body styles with an eco-boost inline-four or the V8-powered GT we all love. Oh, and for those of us that appreciate the finer things in life, a manual transmission is still available.

The other big news is The Dark Horse, a track-focused performance package powered by a 500-horsepower 5.0 liter V8 mated with a Tremec 6-speed transmission or 10-speed auto. The Dark Horse will have NACA brake cooling ducts, engine oil cooler, rear axle cooler and a lightweight radiator. It will also have Brembo brakes, chassis bracing, active suspension and a Torsen limited-slip diff.