Detailer Spotlight: Flame Red Bentley by Detail Boss

Chris & Christian Parker at Detail Boss are at it again. This Bentley came to them with a thorough vinyl wrap from another company. Although an extensive job, there were many areas that were lifting, peeling, or that had stretch lines from improper installation techniques. Detail Boss removed the old wrap and rewrapped the entire Bentley in 3M 2080 Gloss Flame Red. From all exterior panels to the two door and trunk jambs.

After the wrap was complete, it was coated with Ceramic Pro’s PPF & Vinyl ceramic coating. This product is specifically formulated for vinyl wraps for optimal bonding. Not only does this coating provide additional UV protection to the vinyl wrap, it also adds gloss and makes cleaning the vehicle much easier. But, the details of the transformation didn’t stop there, the calipers were also painted and color matched exactly to the vinyl color.

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