December 20, 2020 Chris Woolman

Detailing Tip: Pet Hair Removal

Does it take you a long time to vacuum a car? Seems like it takes me forever! Mix in a little dog hair and the task seems never ending. Removing dog hair can be made much easier with the right tool for the job. But don’t forget, just because you can speed up the process doesn’t mean you should charge less for the job. Pet hair removal should always be an add-on service. Here are our favorite tools for the job…

Speedy Stone by SM Arnold
Probably the most popular and oldest tool on the list, the Speedy Stone is a pumice block that does a great job raking up pet hair. However, make sure you watch out for vinyl and plastic trim, as it will scratch it.

Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer
A newcomer this past year or so, the Lilly Brush has a flexible rubber blade that surrounds the edge of the tool. The blade catches and holds onto pet hair and pulls it right out of the carpet. The rounded and squared edges allow you to work in tight spaces and corners.

Fur-eel by Buff Brite
This is a very cool tool. The Fur-eel is an rubberized attachment with an angled tip that can fit any standard size vacuum crevice tool. Not only does the rubber pull the pet hair out of the carpet, but the suction from the vacuum sucks it out of the way and it’s gone!

ANALAN Mini Pet Hair Remover
Similar to the Lilly Brush, the ANALAN tool is a new tool that is quickly becoming a favorite. We just started using one in the training center and so far we are very impressed.

Nitrile Gloves
Never underestimate the usefulness of a good quality Nitrile Glove. By wearing “rubber” gloves while you detail and remove pet hair, not only do you protect yourself and your hands, but they will provide some of the same pet hair removal benefits of the tools above. Plus, you will be able to reach in tighter areas with your fingers.