May 26, 2020 Chris Parker

Doing Whatever It Takes

Please welcome our contributing writer Chris Parker of Detail Boss in Scottsdale, Arizona. He and his brother Christian trained with Renny back in 2011 and are Master Detailers and founding members of The Detail Mafia, They are also both multi-time members of the Air Force One and McCall’s Detailing Teams.

Doing Whatever It Takes

Are you doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals? I’m not just talking business here; sure, goals to attain stability in business, financial gain, that new client you’ve been working on locking down are always goals in business. But are you doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals in life?

Whether you’re a startup or have in business for 5 or 10+ years, always ask yourself; can I do more? Do I want to do more? Setting short term goals toward an ultimate dream goal is the beginning of your road to achieving and obtaining what you want out of your business, your relationships, your physical well-being, your life.

When I started Detail Boss with my brother Christian; we had sold both of our vehicles and shared one; lived in a 2 bedroom apartment and ate pb&j and Marie Callender’s TV dinners probably 6 nights a week. We calculated the amount of work we had to do to meet our financial obligations; food, rent, insurance, utilities, gas, shop rent/insurance and all costs of doing business. We were fortunate to be able to live off what little savings we had until we started paying ourselves and putting money aside from the company 2.5 years after starting it.

During down time, we marketed through our website and Facebook, and I made videos of our work; whatever it took to keep our online presence going and publishing content to build a following and get the phones ringing.

Doing whatever it takes means sacrifice; whether that means giving up foods you enjoy because you want a change in your physical self, giving up time with friends or family to put it into your business, working a full-time or part-time job while building your brand, and losing countless hours of sleep because you’re working on that one idea that could change the direction of your business. Doing whatever it takes means not giving up. Ever. The second you give up, you fail. If you are stretching the month to its limits and jobs just aren’t coming in; do you fold and lay on your back? Or do you dig deep, take a deep breath, focus, engage, and go out and market yourself to get work, and then market that work to get even more work, apply for a part time job to make ends meet, give away a few free easy services to earn that client? In the physical aspect, are you being strict with the diet plan? Are you exercising 4-5+ days a week or whatever goals you have set for yourself? Are you setting up date nights with your significant other and doing what needs to be done to maintain and raise the standard in your relationships with them?

Life is many weights and measures, gives and takes; it’s the balancing act of how you strategize and allocate your time that is key to your success.

Make doing whatever it takes a lifestyle. Don’t make it a choice.

Chris Parker

Chris Parker is Co-Owner of Detail Boss in Scottsdale, Arizona. He and his brother Christian are Master Detailers in The Detail Mafia and members of both the Air Force One Detailing Team and McCall's Detailing Team.