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Renny Doyle's Double Black Car Care Product Line

Equally effective on motorcycles, boats, RVs, and aircraft, as well as automotive, Renny's Double Black Collection is a cutting edge! Approved by Renny himself who has tested products in the field for many years, he teamed up with P&S Sales to create a premium, professional-grade line of products honed to Renny’s specifications. From exterior cleaning, paint correction and coating protection, to interior dressings, stain removers, and odor arrests, Double Black performs to the highest standards of today's automotive appearance technology.

  • DB Pearl Auto Shampoo

    Environmentally friendly, pH balanced, & safe to use for all washing applications. Pearl Wash Concentrate provides good foam stability and lubricity. May be used by hand or through a dilution device for hand or machine use.

  • DB Ego Maker Compound

    Designed for use with rotary or geared/high action dual action polishers, Ego Maker Compound prepares the paint surface for a final stage paint correction. Removes sanding marks, scratches, and other paint imperfections.

  • DB Bead Maker

    Bead Maker uses binding polymer monomer technology to produce a water beading, brilliant, long lasting finish. Bead Maker may be applied to wet or dry vehicles and is safe to spray on all exterior surfaces.

  • DB Paint Gloss Showroom Spray & Shine

    Paint Gloss removes dirt, fingerprints, dust and smudges without having to complete a full detail. This water-based paint lubricant for spray application will maintain and enhance paint surfaces on freshly detailed or lightly soiled vehicles. Formulated to work with Perfect Putty.

  • DB Shine All Performance Tire Dressing

    Shine All truly outperforms competitive water based tire dressings. Built for use as a high performance tire dressing, it is perfect for use in carwashes, detail shops, rental fleets, etc. Shine All may also be used as an interior dressing to condition, soften, preserve and protect all leather, rubber, vinyl and leather surfaces.

  • DB Deep Finish Restoration Polish

    Designed for use with high action free spin, forced rotation or traditional rotary polishers, Deep Finish Restoration Polish is a moderate cleaning & leveling polish designed to produce incredible brilliance and depth in one paint correction step. The ultimate for rectifying finicky paint finishes!

  • DB Paint Coating Surface Prep

    Paint Coating Surface Prep solution is used as a surface preparation solution to clean paint surfaces prior to application of automotive coatings. This product was specifically formulated for use with Inspiration as part of the P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection.

  • DB Inspiration Exterior Coating

    Inspiration Exterior Ceramic Coating provides an exceptional layer of durable long lasting protection unlike traditional wax products. It cures to form a solid molecular barrier impervious to chemicals, corrosion, UV exposure and high temperatures.

  • DB Carpet Bomber

    Carpet Bomber provides a heavy duty cleaning and degreasing solution for lifting dirt from carpet, vinyl, engines, wheel wells, and painted surfaces. Biodegradable and uses safe, water based solvents.

  • DB Dynamic Dressing

    Dynamic Dressing may be used at full strength for a high gloss finish or diluted for more natural looks. Pleasant to use and guaranteed not to cause any window fogging with interior use. May be used for all dressing applications.

  • DB Terminator Enzyme Spot & Stain Remover

    Uniquely formulated to quickly remove spots and stains, Terminator Enzyme is a blend of dry and wet cleaning chemicals and degreasers that cut grease, oil, dirt and food related stains. Use it to pre-treat spots and stains on carpet and upholstery prior to shampooing.

  • DB Finisher Peroxide Treatment

    Finisher Peroxide Treatment launches a final attack on odor causing molecules and organic stains. Finisher breaks down odor causing chemicals, eliminates any residual organic stains and slightly sterilizes the surface.

  • DB Extreme Performance Micro-fiber Towels

    These extremely plush micro-fiber towels can be washed repeatedly to regain their original feel. They will not scratch even the softest black paint.

Renny's Industry Best-seller

How to Start a Home-based Car Detailing Business

There is so much useful information in this book that if you only take a small portion of Renny's advice, you are sure to be a success in the industry! Leaving no stone un-turned, this comprehensive guide to starting, operating, and turning a profit in the automotive detailing business is the answer to car detailers who find themselves struggling to survive.

Many remain in the business because of their passion for cleaning and shining beautiful vehicles, but in this 'must have' bible of the industry, Renny explains his rise to success, and shares every step of the way with his readers so you too, can find Detailing Success!

Read our 5-Star Reviews below!

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  • If you are even just thinking of starting an auto detailing business, you HAVE to have this book! This book is well written in everyday language, and easy to follow and understand. There is so much useful information, if you only take a small portion of his advice, you are sure to be a success in the industry!
    5-Star Amazon Review
  • I totally recommend spending the little bit of money on this book before spending thousands on equipment and advertising ... like I did!
    5-Star Amazon Review
  • This is a must have if you plan on starting your own mobile detailing business. I bought it in its electronic form and I kinda regret it in that form. Reason being is it would be more convenient to have in a paperback form so you could highlight things and save important stuff.
    Brondon, 5-Star Amazon Review
  • Not just for cars. I bought this book with the intention of starting a detailing business, much like everyone else. I ended up using the principles and starting a different venture. This book is good for either the specific niche or any other business endeavor you have.
    Cletus Zepedis
  • Renny is the owner of Attention to Details (now Detailing Success) and a renowned expert in the detailing industry. In this book, he gives sound advice on how to set up a detailing business and many important issues to consider.
    5-Star Amazon Review
  • Essential for getting started in auto detailing!
    J. Herrera
  • I think everyone from beginner to expert should read his book. He details the Air Force 1 planes used by the presidents. I am college student who wants to start a detailing business to help pay my books and tuition and as a stepping stone into a bigger business and decided to go with Renny. I heard from him from Autogeek.net and from Mike Phillips (also recommend him and his book). I have limited detailed experience.
    Rudy, 5-Star Amazon Review
  • This is a fantastic book for auto detailers and used car dealers. This is one of the most thorough books that I have read on the subject. Definitely worth the money!
    Adolphus E. Jefferies
  • Very detailed book and very helpful with how to start a detailing business.
    Cody Collar
  • If this is a business you are considering getting in, this book is a must read.
    5-Star Amazon Review
  • Excellent book covering all areas to consider when deciding whether or not to start a home-based "Car Detailing Business" and if so; the steps to help be successful doing so!
    Rhonda H, 5-Star Amazon Review
  • Overall, it is a real good book and tells a reader to always do quality work. I was really impressed with his book that I want to learn about steaming cleaning and train with him. I like how he teaches you about having a good, simple menu and touches other bits and pieces about life and about finding mentors.
    Rudy, 5-Star Review
  • Want to make money detailing? This is a GREAT book that helps noobs and the experienced. So much insight. This is a book about the business side of detailing, so if you're looking for tips on how to detail, while there are a few, this is not the book for you.
    Jason, 5-Star Amazon Review
  • Excellent read! Must have if this business interests you. If you're thinking of getting into the car detailing business this book is a MUST! Read it to help you make an informed decision. Detailing is as much about business as it is about detailing ability.
    5-Star Amazon Review
  • Excellent. Recommended for those who want it.
    Goeffrey Browning
  • Awesome book!!!
    William Mills
  • This was and is a excellent read not only for the great information on how to get started in auto detailing, but also a lot of great business tip and helpful information. I would recommend this book to anyone who was looking to start their own business. Not only in detailing. Thank you for writing this book.
    Dan Marcil
  • The handbook to becoming a professional detailer. This book is awesome. It has led me to better my skills and knowledge of the detailing business and led me on a path to profitability and success. I researched the writer Renny Doyle and have now gone through his private Detailing training and I can tell you this guy knows his stuff.
    Kyle Clark
    Xtreme Detailing, Fontana, CA
  • Practical and to the point. I started my detailing business a couple of months ago. Although I had developed some ideas on my own I glad I ordered this book. Renny has great ideas that are proven to work and assist anyone who truly want to succeed in the detailing business. Renny, thank you!!
    5-Star Amazon Review
  • Quick delivery,excellent source material
    Ivan Echevarria
  • This book lays down a clear, defined path to succeed in auto detailing. A must read for anyone looking to enter the field.
    Michael Gittoes
  • Before I found [out] about Renny and Mike [Phillips] I was learning here and there from neighborhood detailers and car washes. Some of them were good detailers but really lacked the business part of it. Other just plain sucked, I mean the guys at the car washes did not even know the difference between a cleaner wax and a wax ... after reading Renny's book it amazed me how much quality information it has. From marketing, sales, detailing, laws, and equipment, and a little more. ... he exposes everything a person needs in order to become successful.
    Rudy, 5-Star Amazon Review
  • This book really helped me get my head around starting a mobile detailing business. The resources are invaluable as well. Appreciate all the great advice, Renny!
    Scott Brown
  • I read this book in two days and it is filled with some of the most informative information needed to successfully run a detailing business. This books shares the author's personal experience as well as some of his friends. It answers almost every question someone would have about detailing. It really helped me put things into perspective and plan accordingly. If you are looking for great information, then this is your book. If you are looking for a fairy tale this is not your book because the TRUTH is what is shared with passion and clarity. This should definitely an initial investment for all looking to enter the detailing business because it explains all of the successes and pitfalls that one may encounter.
    5-Star Amazon Review
  • This is a "Must Have" if you own or want to start a detailing business.I have been detailing for 15+ years and I thought I knew how to run the business side of it. This book has redirected my way of thinking of how I run and operate my business. Great Book.
    Chip Reed