October 26, 2021 Chris Woolman

Photo Gallery: Nationwide Extreme 1-Day Training Event

Photo Gallery: Nationwide Extreme 1-Day Training Event

This past weekend, Detailing Success Double Black training centers across the country trained over 60 students in during a very special 1-day training event.

Students were taught interior detailing techniques and efficiencies, paint correction and proper ceramic coating application. P&S Double Black products were used exclusively and the students earned a Certified Technician Course certificate of completion and Inspiration Ceramic Coating Certified Application Technician certificate.

The classes were held at 7 locations nationwide…

  • Big Bear, CA Renny Doyle Detailing Success
  • Scottsdale, AZ Chris & Christian Parker Detailing Success
  • San Antonio, TX Mike Smith Detailing Success
  • Buford, GA Yasir Waqaar & Brian Crosby Detailing Success
  • Melbourne, FL Justin Labato Detailing Success
  • Long Branch, NJ Bobby Wiener & Harry Sandwith Detailing Success
  • Auburn, IN Mike Liebing Detailing Success

Our 2022 dates have not been set yet, put keep your eyes open on our social media and your inbox for announcements.