The Movers & Shakers of the Detailing Industry

Members of the Detailing Success Network and the Detail Mafia are extremely active, and not just at running their detailing businesses. They are proactive participants in educational and certification events, community projects, seminars, webinars, meetings, tradeshows, and special projects and events.

Partly because of Renny's stellar reputation across the industry, but also because he encourages members to become active in car appearance-related events, auctions, local and national car shows, and to attend tradeshows and take advantage of networking opportunities.

Members are proactive in taking on community projects like helping maintain firetrucks and vintage automobiles and cars at local museums; helping prep vehicles for car shows and road shows; holding demonstrations at tradeshows for vendors and suppliers; and field-testing and endorsing new products and equipment.

They are often covered in the media, and are invited to appear on national TV shows, and are invited celebrity guests at events. They serve on Boards of Directors, advisory panels, and win awards for their achievements in the industry. They even compete against each other to hone their skills.

But most of all, they get to work on some of the most expensive and prestigious cars, aircraft, and motorcycles in the world.

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