April 28, 2020 Chris Woolman

Quick Detailing Tip: How to Properly Fold a Microfiber Towel for Maximum Use and Control

Seems like something very basic, but you might be surprised at how many detailers we see holding their towels wrong, which risks marring the paint you just worked so hard to perfect. It all starts with proper towel folding…

Start with a clean towel. Make sure you inspect it carefully for debris.

Fold the towel in half.

Then fold the towel in half again.

Now that the towel is folded into quarters, you have 8 sides, and if you continuously flip your sides over throughout the detail, you will go through fewer towels, which increases your efficiency, lowers your costs, and makes you a more profitable detailer. You will also have much better control over a properly folded towel and will introduce less marring to the paint as you detail.