Renny Doyle Podcast Episode 055: Live with Gordon McCall

Renny & Chris were recently joined by a very special guest, Gordon McCall. Gordon is the founder of McCall’s Motorworks Revival, the prestigious kick-off party to Monterey Car Week. We chat about his roots as a professional detailer, car restorer, motorcyclist, car collector and now the co-founder of the all new Monterey Motorsport Park.

But, in addition to all that, Gordon is also a good friend of Bob and Dave Phillips at P&S and the Detail Mafia, which has led to our involvement as The Official McCall’s Detailing Team.

It’s was a fantastic conversation full of great insights, so we invite you to please listen please and show your support by… sharing our posts, liking our posts, tagging a friend, leaving a nice comment, commenting with an emoji, posting a cool pic, giving us a shout out, and most importantly… leave us a review! If you’ve got questions or comments, send them to Chris, Renny’s Hitman at