Our Detailing Partners

The International Detailing Association

The IDA is the leading professional organization for the detailing industry. The IDA provides excellent opportunities to connect with industry peers, leading manufacturers and other professionals, and they actively hold events throughout the year all across the US with educational and certification opportunities.

Not only is Renny active with the IDA, but he requires his detailers to join as well. From ground-breaking articles on the industry to best practices and business tips; training, and access to resources and information unattainable without an international network of professional members.

Named the 2017 Detail Supplier of the Year Award by the IDA

For over 50 years, P&S Sales has been committed to servicing the detail industry with high quality detailing products and equipment.

P&S Sales is the main developer and distributor for Renny Doyle's Double Black Car Care Products. With Renny's input, every product performs to the highest standards of today's technology, and demands more performance than competing products.

You can order Double Black Products from P&S Sales by clicking on the P&S Sales logo!

Flex North America Power Buffers

Detailing Success has done their homework and we find Flex to be the most reliable single piece of equipment on the market today! None has more consistently proven itself worthy of high-quality, difficult buffing jobs than Flex Polishers.

Used on Air Force One and on million-dollar vintage and exotic automobiles at Monterey Car Week, Detailing Success is especially partial to the Flex XC 3401 VRG orbital model. It simulates the circular movement of the human hand while its highly smooth running facilitates a careful, precise, hologram-free finish.

Visit the Flex website by clicking on the Flex logo and tell them Renny Doyle sent you!


Detailing.com is is a top supplier of detailing products and equipment. Located in Arcadia, Detailing Success' partnership with Detailing.com supplies Renny with products and equipment used in his training classes and sideline projects. From Meguiars car care to buffing pads and bumper repair kits, Detailing.com is a reliable source for all your detailing needs.