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Success does not come without help from others. One of the most enlightening aspects of Renny's background and a cornerstone in his teaching is the importance of intimate knowledge and experience when it comes to the car industry - and not just how to clean them.

During the early years of Renny's career, there were not many options when it came to detail training, so in much the same way that at age 12, he just "hung out" at the airport hoping to pick up as many morsels about flying as he could (an act that ultimately led to his taking flying lessons and learning to detail cars), Renny continued that somewhat intrusive approach to detailing, well into adulthood. If there was no one to teach him, then he would figure it out himself by hanging out with the people who did it, and did it well!

Renny haunted body shops, car washes, and automotive service departments where he absorbed information about automotive paint. He watched and learned how to install window film, fix busted bumpers, and repair headlights. He learned how to wash and wax a car, and trolled every product and equipment seminar he could find, hungry for information. He made a pest of himself asking questions. In later years he would say the industry itself was his learning ground.

He went into corporate sales where he discovered there was nothing more valuable than personal relationships and networking. As a sales representative, he couldn't sell a product unless he believed in it so he used the old-fashioned but reliable method of trial and error to see what worked for him, and what didn't. But after field-testing new products, equipment, and trying new techniques; getting advice and opinions from those who make a living at it; and when he found what worked best for him - Renny developed a sense of loyalty to it that follows him to this day.

FLEX Official Equipment Sponsor of the Air Force One Detailing Team

Flex has been making power tools for 90 years, but the automotive appearance industry is a relatively young market for them. The Air Force One Detailing Team has used exclusively the Flex XC 3401 orbital action polisher and the Flex PE14 rotary polisher since the project began in 2003. The simulated hand movement and larger stroke length of the XC 3401 are what make it more popular in the car detailing industry than traditional rotary polishers that can easily burn the paint.

As a longtime sponsor of the AFO team, Flex provides many “goodies” to the team including hats, gloves, pens, and knives; and the company's president, Bob Eichelberg is always onsite for advice and consultation. His input has been significant on many of the historic museum aircraft the team has detailed including the Concorde and WWII bombers.

"Flex orbital buffers have been very popular in the car detailing industry but had not been used on an airplane until Air Force One in 2011," Renny says. “We had an entirely different challenge ahead when we began polishing the Concorde Alpha Golf. Its significant length of 204 feet, and its iconic shape with its slender delta wings and fuselage required some new techniques when compared with an automobile and even with AFO. There is no one I trusted more than Bob Eichelberg and Flex to help us meet those challenges. On a $100 million airplane, so I wouldn’t use anything but the best.”

“I have represented Flex for nearly 20 years, but no one can better demonstrate the superiority of Flex car polishers and buffers than the men and women who use them every day,” Bob says. “We have sponsored the AFO team for the past few years at the museum and I am humbled by how much more effective Flex has been for the detailing market, and the precision with which these guys use the powerful tool.”

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P&S Sales the Official Product Sponsor & Member of the Air Force One Detailing Team

P&S Sales is a professional detailing product manufacturer and distributor located in Hayward, CA. Started over 50 years ago by their late father, Bill Phillips, Bob and Dave Phillips have continued to grow the company so that today, they are known as innovators in detailing products and instruction. Bob is a member of the Detail Mafia and the Air Force One Detailing Team, and was instrumental in getting the team on as the exclusive detailers and detailing product providers at the annual Gordon McCall Motorworks Revival Event in Monterey.

“P&S products are developed and tested for that kind of high-end, professional work,” Bob says. “To be involved with these prestigious projects as a member of the Detail Mafia, and to help Renny develop his exclusive Double Black product line based on our technology and know-how, makes us very proud.”

You will find Renny's Double Black featured on the P&S Sales website at www,