July 14, 2020 Chris Woolman

Team P&S Adventures in Boise (Boy See), Idaho Last Week

Last week, Keith Duplessie, Kyle Clark, Sydni Gwinn and Chris Woolman gathered in Boise (pronounced: Boy See), Idaho to take care of a little business and have some fun.

We met with The Rag Company and got to play with a few new products they are offering, plus we got to spend some time in their new studio space making a few educational videos. We were also guests on their Live Q&A Thursday Podcast, which was a blast.

P&S Team Member Sydni Gwinn is the host of Cruisin’ Hidden Springs, an annual car show in her community. The Covid-19 pandemic meant that an actual car show was out of the question, so we made the best of the situation and had an actual cruise through Hidden Springs. We had about 55 beautiful classic and sports cars join us. It was a fun getaway for us all. Please enjoy some of the pictures from the week…