February 9, 2021 Renny Doyle

What is Detailing?

Detailing can mean many different things to different people depending on where you live and what your local market’s economic climate is. In upper-middle class to high-end markets, your prospective client base will be familiar with detailing for the most part.

In middle income or lower-end markets, detailing can mean a quick wash-and-wax job or, get this, some people within some markets even think detailing is customizing cars for dealerships. They believe detailers provide pinstriping or add-on items – a far cry from what detailing really is.

Modern-day detailing is a combination of science, technique, proper products, and passion for what you do. Vehicles are more complex than ever and the days of being a champ at washing dear ol’ Mom’s car, then going out and starting a professional detailing company are gone. If you treat your detailing business like a joke, you will be  a joke.

Detailing has become a serious trade and a true artform when performed at the highest levels. It is a highly-competitive business, and if you are going to play the detailing game, you better be ready to play the game right!

The detailing industry as a whole can be divided into three groups, next week we will take a close look at exactly what those are.