March 14, 2023 Chris Woolman

10 Must-Haves That Will Help You Find Success

Want to help ensure your success as a detailing entrepreneur? Here are my top 10 must-haves for any business owner…

Get Skills!
Learn how to detail at a professional and profitable level.

Get Educated!
Obtain business knowledge and/or experience.

Get Mentored!
Have someone honest and reliable that you can depend on for help, mentoring, support.

Get Funds!
Have enough capital to get started, avoid debt and keep overhead expenses at a minimum.

Get a Plan!
Have a written business plan and update it often, addressing successes and challenges.

Get Sales!
Maintain a sales pipeline to ensure cash flow.

Get a Brand!
Establish both personal and business brands online and offline.

Get Referrals!
Establish and effective referral program.

Get People Skills!
Get comfortable speaking in front of people and on the phone.

Get Simple!
Develop a simple menu that’s easy for you, your customers and your staff to navigate and quote prices from.