May 24, 2022 Chris Woolman

Are you a Self-Starter, Finisher or Both?

Are you a Self-Starter, Finisher or Both?

Being a self-starter is an important characteristic of successful business owners. It usually means you have ambition, motivation and confidence. It means you take initiative to get things done. Sounds great right?

Being a self-starter is great and it’s a great character trait, but in order for it to bring you success, that trait needs to be combined with another… being a finisher.

All those projects you start don’t mean a thing if you can’t finish them. Having the discipline to see your plans through to the end is what really matters.

Visionaries light things up, and create value and possibilities out of thin air. They often get things started and then move onto the next big idea! Finishers are thorough, responsible and have attention to detail. They see things through to the end.

When a stater and a finisher join forces, great things happen. If you are lucky enough to be a starter and a finisher, congrats! But if not, then surround yourself with the right people. If you are s starter, find yourself a finisher or vic versa.

Being a self-starter is just part of what it takes, combining that with a finisher is how you win!