April 4, 2023 Renny Doyle

Be Productive, Not Just Busy!

I’m always preaching balance. That’s the beauty of detailing, it’s a lifestyle business and allows us to achieve the work-life balance we desire. However, none of us will achieve that balance overnight. It takes time. In the beginning of my career and business, there was often no weekends. I worked a lot of seven day work weeks, but it came at a big cost.

I reached my limit and realized I had avoid burnout, so I focused on managing my time and staying focused. The goal being to have a fun life while growing my business, not just a busy life!

One of the most important keys to success is to try and not do everything, but to focus on doing the right things. You need to learn to identify what’s most important to you and focus your time and energy on those activities, the activities that will bring you the most return on your time investment.

Be alert and sensitive to anything that doesn’t support your goals and become a pro at saying NO! It’s hard at first, but once you master it, you will see such a huge difference in your productivity and success that you’ll get used to saying NO in no time.

Time is valuable to all of us. We shouldn’t spend it doing things that don’t align with where we want to be. Remember, the goal is to have a fun life. It’s important to dedicate some of your time to taking care of yourself and recharging. Integrating time for you and your family is how you are going to find balance.

Productivity comes to those that can stay focused on their priorities, are selective in their activities and take care of themselves.  Add all those together and you’ll find success!