March 1, 2022 Renny Doyle

Designing Your Simple Detailing Menu

Designing Your Simple Detailing Menu

Your customers are looking to you to be the expert. Design a menu that benefits both you and your clients. Keep it simple and be able to mix services easily to create a custom package for your client and their car. Afterall, no two are alike.

When I was running an active detail shop, our customers loved our Wash, Clay, Protect combines with our signature interior detail. We would mix and match any and all of our services as long as the car matched that need. We never performed a lesser-level detail only to save a client money while possibly damaging our reputation for delivering a less than stellar detail. We would refuse the job.

You menu needs to be simple, much like the menu at In-N-Out, a popular fast-food burger chain. As a result, they are able to offer a high-quality product efficiently and their customer keep coming back for more. Here is an example of service offerings…

Signature Wash, Clay and Protect
• Hand Wash
• Clay and Decontamination
• Paint Sealant

Near Perfection & Coating
• Stage One Paint Correction
• Ceramic Coating

Max Out Shine & Coating
• Stage Two Paint Correction
• Premium Ceramic Coating

Signature Interior Detail
• Stage 1-3 Interior Detail

Of course, what you charge for each service will need to depend on each vehicle’s condition and size. Set your prices so that you are profitable! Finally, don’t forget that there are add on services in addition to all this such as scratch removal, odor removal, serious stain removal overspray removal, dog hair removal, engine cleaning, convertible to treatments, deep wheel cleaning, interior coatings and more.

Keep your menu simple. Fewer choices means more money and profits for you.