November 9, 2021 Chris Woolman

Detail Mafia Big Bear Weekend 2021 Main Event

Detail Mafia Big Bear Weekend 2021 Main Event

This past weekend nearly 90 members of The Detail Mafia gathered in Big Bear, California for a 2-day networking and education event at Renny Doyle’s Detailing Success and it was AWESOME!

Traditionally, The Detail Mafia hosts their “Main Event” the day after SEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately, many attendees and exhibitors decided to sit out this year’s SEMA, so the decision was made to host our Main Event at Detailing Success, the home of The Detail Mafia. Members came from as far away as The Netherlands to continue their detailing and business education, network and see old friends. Renny Doyle delivered a number of educational seminars…

  • Entry level ceramic coatings for non-corrected cars
  • Rock chip and scratch repair using Dr. ColorChip
  • Simple interior detailing tips that make a huge difference
  • New and innovative products and their uses
  • Killing it with your detailing menu
  • Busines planning or planning to fail?
  • Add-on services panel discussion
  • Managing and hiring staff
  • Challenge yourself and supercharge your efforts

Each day we enjoyed great food including tacos, burritos and more from Mario Alfonzo’s Taco Bus. Uber Detail in Corona, California provided a fabulous desert bar and P&S Detail Products hosted an open bar during Saturday night’s pajama party. Yup, you read that right! We wrapped up the weekend with a pajama party and it was a lot of fun!

We also recognized some well-deserving members with some fun awards…

  • Detail Mafia Hall of Fame – Jim Goguen
  • Detail Mafia Master Detailer – Joab Flores
  • Detail Mafia Master Detailer – Shane Mayfield
  • Detail Mafia Detailer of the Year – Rick Walling
  • Detail Mafia Rookie of the Year – Rick Kolb
  • Essence of Mafia – Alex Dublin
  • Essence of Mafia – Chris Williams
  • Essence of Mafia – Greg Pagh
  • Essence of Mafia – James Akers
  • Essence of Mafia – Mark Elliot
  • Essence of Mafia – Oscar Hernandez
  • Essence of Mafia – Michael Hill
  • Essence of Mafia – Richard Ambroze
  • Essence of Mafia – Jessica Rook

And finally, 10 members became fully initiated “Made Members” of The Detail Mafia…

  • Ricardo Alatorre
  • Randy Djoenerie
  • Adam Garvin
  • Renzo Gazzo
  • Sydni Brae Gwinn
  • Mike Howard
  • Alex Johnson
  • Beth Lucia
  • Mike Smith
  • Rodd Thayer

It was a fabulous weekend filled with great memories, fun and relationship building. The culture of The Detail Mafia is truly unique and special. We really are a family.

What is The Detail Mafia?
The Detail Mafia is a family made up of an exclusive group of professional detailers who are committed to improving the businesses and lives of its members through support, mentoring, continued education and industry outreach. The Detail Mafia has a strict code of conduct and all members are expected to share these core values…

  • Always do the right thing.
  • Be committed to education, excellence and success.
  • Be confident, but also be humble.
  • Be loyal to your fellow Detail Mafia brothers and sisters.
  • Be willing to do what it takes.
  • Care about people and treat everyone with respect.
  • Lead through actions, not words.
  • Love helping people and pick them up when given the opportunity.
  • Make a real positive impact on people’s lives.
  • Share and teach the skills people need to succeed.
  • Support those that support us.

How do you join The Detail Mafia?
To become a member of The Detail Mafia, you must first attend Renny Doyle’s Advanced 5-Day Training. Detailers that complete that class are eligible to apply for membership. There are three levels of membership…

  1. Associate Member: Non-made member of The Detailer’s Network
  2. Made Member: Fully initiated member of The Detail Mafia
  3. Master Detailer: Highest Honor. Only 10% have achieved this level.

What is included with membership in The Detail Mafia?
Members of The Detail Mafia receive a number of privileges…

  • Access to our private online forum
  • Access to our private Facebook Group
  • Available mentor program
  • Up to two online educational webinars every week
  • Special training and industry events for members only
  • Special invitation only events such as Air Force One & McCall’s Detailing Teams
  • Negotiated discounts with select vendor partners
  • Unmatched industry recognition.