July 27, 2020 Chris Woolman

Detailer Tip: Make an Extra $150 per Detail!

Want to make an extra $150 per detail or ceramic coating job in less than 30 minutes? We are getting feedback from detailers that they are offering windshield glass polishing combined with a glass coating as a $150 add-on service. That can really add up!

Or, as an alternative, when you are having trouble closing that one client, you can throw this in to seal the deal as added value. Just make sure they know it’s worth $150!

Of course P&S Detail Products has a couple of new offerings that make it easy. Clarity Crème glass polish and Inspiration VUE glass coating. There are a lot of other good products and options out there to choose from. Don’t’ leave money on the table. Ask for the add-on sale, chances are you’ll get it.