July 14, 2020 Renny Doyle

Detailer Tip: The “Full Detail”

When you use the term “full detail,” your customer reads that as being complete and all inclusive. So, if the customer has road paint on the outside of the car and dog hair in the interior, along with heavily stained carpets, they expect that you are going to cure every ailment their car has.

If you sell detailing services this way, be prepared to be broke and work yourself to death!

Loosely used, the term “full detail” is common within the detailing industry as a menu item. Be careful with this term as it tells your client that everything is included within this service.

Including everything within any level of a detailing service is not a wise move for any detailer.

Build a smart detailing menu and take the time to educate your market. One approach is to explain to your customers that you build a custom detailing package based on their car’s condition, their expectations, and their budget.