August 4, 2020 Renny Doyle

Detailing Realities for the New Detailer

Detailing is a physically demanding business. You need to enjoy working with your hands and be in condition to perform the work.

Detailing is a work of love. Those who are passionate about the automobile have a success rate far higher than those performing detailing simply for the money. If you are going after detailing for the money, put on the brakes and rethink this decision.

Do you enjoy your own detailing efforts on your car? I know of detailer who are, for lackof a better word, pigs, and their success has been mediocre. The pros I know who are making the money, and have built a solid business, keep their own cars nice and clean. Some are even perfectionists.

Do you have an eye for a nicely detailed car? Some see paint, others see a canvas. The people who succeed can see imperfections. Not only can they identify them, but they know how to safely and effectively fix the imperfections.

Perfection or profit? There is a nasty disease within detailing known as ‘addicted to shine-itis”. I’m all about the perfect detail or the perfect car being detailed perfectly, but so many within this industry fail due to their relentless pursuit of perfection. It’s OK, as long as the customer is paying for it. Can you separate perfection and profitability? The best can, and do!