Dick Nelms: The Real Deal, A Real Hero

This week, we are taking look back at The Detail Mafia’s Air Force One Detailing Team. This would have been the 17th consecutive year for this project, but Covid-19 got in the way. Though disappointing, we will be back next year to care for this wonderful piece of history and others on display at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

Last year, we all had a wonderful experience when we were fortunate enough to meet Captain Dick Nelms, a member of the greatest generation. He was B-17 pilot during World War II and flew 35 missions, mostly over Germany.

The picture below is of Detail Mafia member Kelly Mankin with Captain Dick Nelms and she writes…

“I love this picture maybe the most because it best represents how my thinking changed during the project. When he (Dick Nelms) tapped me on the shoulder and he thanked us for doing what we were doing… and I got to speak with him alone for a bit. I got to hear his story and the selflessness and bravery of his young life.

It just really made the whole project that much more special. Did I learn a lot? Did the project change the way I detail and my skill level? Did I eat up every moment? Absolutely… but once I heard his story – it kind of changed me.”

Please take the time to watch this wonderful video about Captain Dick Nelms and his service for our great nation. We hope you enjoy our look back on The Detail Mafia’s Air Force Once Detailing Team over the coming days.