November 30, 2021 Chris Woolman

Do You Have a Passion for Detailing?

Do You Have a Passion for Detailing?

Find your passion. Figure out what you love and do that. If you find your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life. Sound familiar?

Detailing is a tough business. It requires skill, business knowledge and marketing prowess, all things you can learn if you make the right investment in yourself. Passion is a little harder to learn, and is absolutely necessary if you are going to succeed in this business or any other.

Why is passion so important? There are at least three reasons…

  1. Passion creates new thoughts and ideas which spawns creativity, innovation and competitive advantages.
  2. You need to have more passion than your competition. If you don’t, their passion and business will win over yours.
  3. Passion is the one thing that will pull you through tough times, and there will be tough times.

How do you find a passion for detailing?

  1. Be Curious: If you are generally curious or intrigued by detailing, that is a good place to start. Learn all you can about it.
  2. Investigate: Get real exposure to detailing. This could be an entry-level job or hands-on training.
  3. Practice: Do it and keep doing it, over and over again.
  4. Master: Eventually, after enough practice you will become an expert. A master at your craft.

To reach your goals and find lasting success, you will need to have passion for what you are doing. Do you?  If not, get to work… find that passion!