August 31, 2020 Chris Woolman

Do You Have “Detailing Eyes”?

One of the most difficult talents a true pro-level detailer can have is a good eye. This is far more important than being able to see a clean or dirty car. It includes being able to recognize more than just a few key “details”…

Paint Defects
Being able to clearly see and identify defects is harder than you may think. Not everyone has the eye for proper paint. In reality, the most money to be made within detailing is from the more common services. While a proper eye is important, what you can learn from a detailing artist will assist you most in developing your detailing eyes.

Proper Paint
Give me one minute with a car and I can tell you if it’s factory paint or a re-paint. Having an eye for detail is important and could keep you from damaging paint or being blamed for imperfections that were not your fault.

Interior Imperfections
An eye for stains and understanding the expectations of the client are an important trait of successful detailers. For some customers, stains are not a big deal, while for others the smallest remaining stain is a monumental issue. For instance, I am a stain snob and when I have checked out my competition, stains around the seats bases drive me nuts and make me wonder why they would leave such an eyesore.