April 27, 2021 Chris Woolman

Envisioning Your Detailing Business

Envisioning Your Detailing Business

When I started my detailing business, it was never about the right logo, the right timing, or having everything I needed to succeed in place. My drive was first survival, doing something that I loved to do, and getting the word out that I was good at it. I knew I had to connect with my market and I had to steamroll my competitors, not with fancy marketing or bling, but with personality and skill. I had little capital and knew that my wife and I had to use our people skills and my detailing abilities to win people over. 

Yes, I repeat, I had little capital, but I had ten times the drive I needed and I had three kids that needed food, a roof over their heads, and some comforts in life. Not only did I want to succeed, I had to succeed! I knew my detailing business had to have a low overhead and I had a small budget to work with for the start-up. Making sure I made the right equipment and products-purchasing decisions were hugely important. 

I also knew I had weather to deal with during the winter months when profits would drop during fall, winter, and spring seasons. With the above in mind, I set out to build my personal and professional brand. 

Why develop personal and professional branding for both you and your business? Being a small business is a badge of honor. Getting your name and business name out there is very, very important. You want to be known as your market’s go-to detailer, the local expert of experts. Your personal name and brand are important, just as important as your business name and image. You are the business and people need to know it!