February 15, 2022 Renny Doyle

Establishing a Loyal Customer Base

Establishing a Loyal Customer Base

Do you consider the fast-food way of thinking when looking at your detailing business? The tie-in between detailing and fast food is the notion of customer loyalty.

Let’s start with the In-N-Out Burger way of thinking. If you have never been out west, In-N-Out Burger may not be a familiar name to you, but her in California, Arizona and Nevada, the In-N-Out name is unequaled by any other fast-food chain. It has a loyal following equal to Harley Davidson. In-N-Out has created a loyal customer base that is cult-like and they deserve it. If my family or I are in the mood for a burger and fries, it’s off to In-N-Out we go! We are loyal, and in my detailing business, I have used the In-N-Out model for nearly two decades.

Loyalty within detailing starts with that first phone conversation with a prospective customer or the first visit they make to your shop. Another first impression is how your mobile detailing unit looks. First impressions are vitally important. Prospective customers need to walk away from their first encounter being impressed with your knowledge and overall offer.

The next important step is the first detail service you provide. Call customers the day before to kindly remind them of the appointment, and don’t you dare be late! Also, keep your mobile work area clean as you work and when you finish, the customer should not be able to tell you were even there. Your work quality needs to be exactly what you sold them, and meeting or exceeding their expectations is important.

I love it when I watch some of those I coach interact with their customers. Seeing them present the vehicle, explaining what was done with the car, why it was done, and what they could not accomplish and why. They connect their new client and really start to educate them, sharing the details of their work.

This next step is a lost art today, the handshake and request that the client share your name and service with others they know. I shake hands with everyone I do business with and while doing so, I politely ask them to share your services with their family, friends, and coworkers. This is a major step.

Circling back, establishing a loyal customer base takes careful calculated effort. It didn’t happen for In-N-Out by accident, and it won’t happen for you by accident. You need to put systems and processes in place that guarantee an amazing experience for your customer from start to finish.