May 10, 2022 Renny Doyle

First Impressions Count

First Impressions Count

Imagine approaching a business or landing on a website that gives the impression of an amatuer design, a lack of thought, a lack of thoroughness. By considering the importance of those first impressions, and by making your brand and business stand out will increase your likelihood of success.  You want to look good, really good from the very first day you start detailing. Here are a few tips to help you make it happen…

Your shop or mobile detailing rig needs to be cutting-edge and professional. This doesn’t mean that you need to go out and spend a ton of money on all the best equipment and supplies, but you do need to get creative. I was on a serious budget when I built my first mobile detailing rig, so I built it all myself to save money. I spent under $6,000 total on that first setup and received comments on it almost daily, which won me many, many new clients.

Your business card, flyers, website and other support material all need to be professional. If you are not a graphic artists, don’t go online and build cheap-looking items yourself. Spend a little money and get these items done right. Doesn’t have to be expensive, just don’t let them look cheap. We have amazing resources these days that don’t cost a lot, comes to mind.

Invest in uniforms. I’m a firm believer in having branded shirts with your company logo on them. It’s wise to go with both a collared shirts and t-shirts. Wear the collared shirts when meeting with clients, giving quotes, or delivering a freshly detailed vehicle. Use the t-shirts for doing the dirty work, detailing and just change your shirt as needed. Find pants, shorts and shoes that work well for you too, and stick with them!

Do great work, treat your clients well, and look the part. You’ll be the talk of your market!