August 5, 2020 Renny Doyle

Have a Major Drive to Succeed… Don’t be Average!

When I first opened my business detailing private aircraft, the people at the airport had bets on how quickly I would shut down. I had little money, we were located in a small market, others before me had failed, and I knew very few people as I was in a new city and state. That was 1998 and the odds were stacked against me, but I did not let others’ poisonous wishes beat me up or tear me down! I worked my plan, was dedicated, and open to learning from others. There was no room for another “average” detailer. I had to be better than the rest, I had to be the best, and you will need to do the same if you are going to succeed.

The meaning of the word average is “of no exceptional quality or ability”. If you perceive yourself as being average in life, then you will likely be average in business. If you are average, you’ve got to step it up! I don’t want to hear, “Well, I am shy.” You need to become un-shy. If you are looking to start a business, you can’t be shy, you can’t be average, and you can’t make excuses!

If shyness or lack of people skills are holding you back, you have a couple of options: Expand your comfort zone and become that people person you have not been up until now, or move on to another business. A detailing business is a personality business and those who combine detailing abilities with business abilities are going  to win. So, why not expand your comfort zone and start connecting with people at a new level? You may just like it!