October 25, 2020 Chris Woolman

Hiring Employees

You’ve opened your doors, your marketing efforts are working, and now it’s time to get some help to handle the workload. I take hiring very seriously and I hope you do also. Finding the right person is hard for those of us who own a small business. We have high expectations with staff members. Brace yourself as I must be direct with you. You will never duplicate yourself, so don’t’ expect your staff to be you.

Lighten up and realize that if your staff was just as dedicated to the business as you, would they still be on staff or would they be running their own business? Let’s talk about factors, other than pay, that motivate the staff you hire. It’s not all about money, you know.

  1. Quality of work environment is important. Give your staff a clean, safe, and happy workplace.
  2. Quality of life is essential so don’t expect your staff to keep the same hours as you or work like you do. I mad this mistake and lost some good people. Don’t make the same mistake.
  3. Be legitimate, take taxes out and have worker’s compensation insurance in place.
  4. Healthcare for families and singles is a huge plus!
  5. Time off for vacation is a must. Yes, they need a break!
  6. Free family details can be a nice perk. In the off season and once during the summer, we bring in close family member’s cars and get them all cleaned up!
  7. Allow your staff to listen to music. It provides motivation to many. Just make sure they can hear what’s going on around them. Be sure to make sure this doesn’t violate any local safety guidelines.
  8. Give them a chance to promote and earn more. Don’t be greedy, share the wealth as you become more successful. Give regular raises and make working for you a good thing!

Detailer Tip
Do you know who you are hiring? The last thing you need within your company is someone who has issues with theft, drugs, or other illegal activities. Think about hiring a company to perform background checks on new hires.