September 28, 2020 Renny Doyle

Hurry Up and Wait

Let me tell you, I wanted to succeed and needed to succeed as quickly as possible, but I knew that building my dream detailing empire would takt time. Here’s what I did…

  • I spoke with everyone and anyone, and told them about me and my business.
  • I used online opportunities to market my company’s brand and my own personal brand. The internet is amazing! Be glad you live in today’s tech-savvy world because it is much easier for those who get it and do it.
  • I went into niches right off the bat and specialized in services that others within my markets were unable to perform or performed with terrible results.
  • I invested in education.
  • I studied the behavior of buyers and read extensively to become a professional salesperson.
  • I spoke at small business events ang got people talking, then spoke at larger events to get more people talking. I have been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, Readers Digest, and on NPR Radio. These mentions can help bring in the $1,000, $5,000 and even $35,000 detail jobs!

Moral of the story? You gotta hustle to make it. You gotta be patient to survive.