January 4, 2022 Renny Doyle

Listen to Your Market: It’s Talking to You!

Listen to Your Market: It’s Talking to You!

When evaluating your market, don’t sell yourself, convince yourself! I’m not afraid of competition; I’m not afraid of other detailers in the same market. All those items I can control, as I’m very confident in my abilities as a both a detailer and business owner.

What I fear in a market is a lack of need, a lack of disposable income, cheap prices and a market that is hooked on cheap prices for what they consider a detail.

On the flip side, when I travel around the country with P&S Detail Products and for industry events, I see markets that are ripe for true pro-level detailers. What do I see? Here’s what to look for…

  • Are there nice cars around town with crappy looking paint?
  • Are there other detail shops in town? Are they well connected and respected? Ask around, find out who is doing business with them and what they have to say about those shops.
  • How are the local high-end car dealerships doing?
  • How are other service businesses doing? House cleaning services, lawn care services, carpet cleaners, etc. Markets that have successful service companies are always a plus for detailers.
  • Are there large companies operating in the area? Large companies use a lot of subcontractors which can be a great opportunity for a smart detailer.
  • How is the car culture? Are there weekend cars and coffee gatherings or regular annual car shows? An area that is car crazy is always a great sign.
  • Are there other detailers in the area other than the local car wash? Car washes are typically bad detailers. If car washes performing details are all you have in your market, you have a serious opportunity to do well!

What message is your market sending you?

By the way, go check out all the cool stuff Rodd Thayer and Beth Lucia are doing over at Next Level Detailing… https://detailandrestore.com/