November 17, 2020 Chris Woolman

New P&S Detail Products RAGS to RICHES Premium Microfiber Detergent

Did you see the big reveal last week during The Rag Company’s TRCMA online event? TEAM P&S (Dave Phillips & Sydni Brae Gwinn) and the staff at The Rag Company (Levi Gates & Anthony Fisher) got together about a year ago to discuss the need for a “new” type of microfiber detergent which would effectively cleanse the fibers and restore them back to original condition.

The result is the all new P&S Detail Products RAGS to RICHES, the next generation of microfiber detergent using new breakthroughs in cleaning technology. The advanced formula deep cleans and restores absorbency and color to microfiber towels including those used with professional cleaning and detailing products. It is absolutely safe for all microfiber types and concentrated for commercial use.

Many factors are in play when attempting to clean micro fiber towels. By design, they grab and hold on to dirt, oils, waxes, polymers and paint protectants which over time clog the microfibers and render the towels ineffective. Up until now the process to restore took multiple products and steps. RAGS to RICHES Premium Micro Fiber Detergent effectively does it all.

Formulated for use with all residential and commercial washing machines, including high efficiency machines RAGS to RICHES is safe on all textile types including Microfiber, Cotton, Chamois, and other Fabric Blends. For small or lightly soiled loads we recommend using one ounce. For large or heavily soiled loads, we recommend using two ounces. It helps to pre-soak heavily soiled and/or hydrophobic towels in a bucket of water mixed with 1-2 ounces of RAGS to RICHES prior to washing. For best results, wash with Warm Water and dry on a Low Heat setting or hang to dry.

Do NOT use with fabric softeners and avoid mixing microfiber products with non-microfiber products.

The first release of RAGS to RICHES will be in quarts. Gallons will be a purchase option in the months to come. You can purchase RAGS to RICHES directly from The Rag Company on Thursday, November 19th or from your favorite P&S distributor. Retail price is $16.95 per quart.