March 29, 2021 Chris Woolman

New Ready-to-Use P&S Double Black True Vue and Dynamic Dressing

New Ready-to-Use P&S Double Black True Vue and Dynamic Dressing

One product that has always been missing from Renny’s P&S Double Black product line has been a pint of dedicated glass cleaner. Sure, Paint Prep also makes a great glass cleaner but a specially formulated glass cleaner is a better choice.

The best candidate for the job is True Vue. It’s been a staple in the P&S product line for years, and we have now bottled a pre-diluted ready-to-use (RTU) version for the Double Black line.

True Vue RTU is a 4 to 1 diluted version of the parent product True Vue Glass Cleaner from the ChemTrol lineup. This convenient format now allows anyone to grab a glass cleaner right out of the case and clean glass! Plus, if you operate a P&S Double Black Store Front, you now have a convenient size to sell to your clients.

Dynamic Dressing has engaged many customers over the years since its introduction over 5 years ago but it has always been difficult for enthusiast and some professionals to take the product for a test drive since it has only ever been offered as a highly concentrated gallon.

The team at P&S decided it is time to introduce Dynamic Dressing in a ready-to-use (RTU) version. Dynamic Dressing RTU is a pre-diluted 4 to 1 version of the parent product Dynamic Dressing Concentrate. This version of Dynamic Dressing will only be offered in pints. For 32oz. bottles, you will need to dilute your own using 1-gallon or 5-gallon concentrates. P&S Detail Products’ objective is to engage more customers with this convenient RTU pint of Dynamic Dressing.