August 22, 2022 Chris Woolman

One Success Tool That Most Entrepreneurs Abuse…

One Success Tool That Most Entrepreneurs Abuse…

I have spoken endlessly about how important you, the business owner are to your success. Most business owners have one common trait, and I believe that trait is responsible for so many failed businesses. It’s self-inflicted, and while not avoidable, it’s controllable..

What is that trait? They allow their heads to be filled with junk. They take a lot of things personally, which in turn puts a lot of weight on their shoulders. To be successful, you have to control what you bring into your head and be protective of your mental space. You have to be careful of what you overthink, overprocess and jam your brain up with.

A great deal of your success depends on your state of mind. You can physically be the strongest person in the world, but if you don’t control your mental strength and capacity, you will be weak. Build up your mental strength by keeping the bullshit out of your life and your brain. Fill up your mental space with the important items you have control over.

Controlling your mental space takes big effort. You must prioritize what goes in your head and put your “Big Rocks in First”. If you allow all the little stuff in, the distractions and unimportant tasks, those pebbles and grains of sand will take up all the space, control your time and leave no room for the big rocks in life.

Life is short. Your window of opportunity for developing strong mental health if very small. When you manage the rocks in your life and give them priority, and sprinkle in the pebbles and sand, you will be endlessly happy and your success will increase dramatically. You have to work hard, but you also have to make time for everything that counts.