November 15, 2021 Chris Woolman

Own Your Mistakes

As we go through life as entrepreneurs, we are going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable. Big deal right? Everybody makes mistakes. It’s how you deal with them that will set you apart from everyone else.

Whether you made a scheduling error, or burned through the paint of a vintage Ferrari, take responsibility for those mistakes… Learn to own your mistakes! Do everything you can to make your wrongs right. When we own our mistakes and do everything we can to make things right, we have integrity, which makes it easier to be proud of who we are.

There are long-term implications for not owning up to your mistakes. Nobody expects you to be perfect, but as an entrepreneur, they do expect you to be honest. Here are three ways to own your mistakes that will help make you a respected entrepreneur…

Be Accountable
When you make a mistake, be prepared to take accountability for it. This will demonstrate that you are responsible. Reasonable people know when a mistake has been made, and most of the time owning up to it solves the problem. As soon as you realize something is your fault, own it, don’t make excuses.

Be Honest
By being proactive about the problem, and honestly owning your mistakes, you will show clients that you have integrity. This will have a lasting impact on them as they will be appreciative of your honesty. It builds trust and proves you are courageous enough to have integrity and own your mistakes.

Be Upfront
First, identify and expedite a solution. Next, contact your client impacted by your mistake. Communicate with them what the problem is and how it will be fixed. Don’t waste your time with unimportant details, it will just come across as excuses. Present them with your solution to make amends. If that doesn’t’ work, try to find an agreeable solution. Finally, follow up and see things through.