July 17, 2019 Chris Woolman

P&S Detail Products’ Bead Maker is Now Boeing D6-17487 Approved!

BEAD MAKER adds another achievement! P&S Detail Products is pleased to announce that BEAD MAKER is now officially designated as an official product for use on aircraft.

Bead Maker passed the Boeing Specification D6-17487 tests for products which include exterior and general cleaners, liquid waxes, polishes, and polishing compounds.

BEAD MAKER has been confirmed by Boeing-performed testing to meet Boeing Specification D6-17487 Revision R compliance status for exterior and general use. Boeing Specification D6-17487 includes the four following tests. These test are performed to assure, with a high degree of confidence, that the product is safe for use on aircraft.

This test evaluates if the product being tested causes additional corrosion from a control group, in various settings (humidity/temperature). Test strips of both painted and unpainted aluminum panels are saturated in the product during this test. BEAD MAKER 100% Passed!

This test evaluates if stretched and stressed acrylic plastic (in accordance with MIL-P-25690) shows any crazing (fine cracks) or degradation when exposed to the test product in certain conditions. The specific test confirms to the ASTM F484 standard. BEAD MAKER 100% Passed!

This test assures that the products used do not affect a panel’s paint hardness, cause discoloration, or stain the paint. The test confirms to the ASTM F502 standard#, which determines the effects of cleaning and chemical maintenance materials on painted aircraft surfaces.

The test requires that panels are treated with BEAD MAKER and then baked at 100 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes, rinsed, and allowed to air dry for 24 hours. Then the samples are evaluated and tested for changes to their hardness and discoloration. BEAD MAKER 100% Passed!

Hydrogen embrittlement can occur during various manufacturing operations or operational use – anywhere that the metal comes into contact with atomic or molecular hydrogen. Exposure to some liquids and gases can cause the absorption of hydrogen into materials, ultimately causing a degradation of mechanical performance.

The Boeing Specification D6-17487 test is in accordance with ASTM F 519-93. Four cadmium plated specimens are notched and then emerged in the product for 150 hours, under a constant 45% load. BEAD MAKER 100% Passed!