February 13, 2020 Chris Woolman

New Product: P&S INSPIRATION Fabric Coating Protectant

Automotive fabric and carpet interiors are absolutely beautiful when they are in new condition. However over time they tend to lose their fresh appearance when not cared for properly. Fabrics and carpets act as a sponge for any sort of liquid or contamination that comes in contact with it. A layer of solid protection can keep the interior looking fresh for many years. I don’t know about you, but I place a high priority of keeping my interior looking sharp but when we are in a rush spills tend to happen and my interior becomes stained.

A quality layer of protection not only keeps cloth and carpet clean but it also makes it easier to clean when spills happen. Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant is the perfect solution utilizing the latest technology in fabric protection.

In 2018, P&S introduced the concept of Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant in an aerosol format. At the time it seemed like the perfect solution, but little did we know that major changes were impacting the aerosol delivery of fabric protectants. Thus, we had to go back to the drawing board to introduce our latest product.

Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant is a solvent based VOC compliant acrylic fluoropolymer protectant. Inspiration FCP provides superior protection against water based and oil based stains. Obviously water protection provides the show but where this product really shines is the ability to resist oil stains.

Once interiors are clean and dry Inspiration FCP can be applied in a uniform spray pattern to cloth and carpet. A light misting is the preferred amount. Product will dry to touch in hours depending upon ambient air temperature. Product reaches complete cure at roughly 24 hours.

Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant is available in pints and gallons in a traditional spray applied format.

#M200P Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant – Pint – 12 per case
Enthusiast Price: $39.95

#M2001 Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant – Gallon – 4 per case
Enthusiast Price: $213.25

#PB358 Safety Bottle – Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant
Enthusiast Price: $2.50