May 6, 2021 Chris Woolman

Retail vs. Wholesale Detailing

Retail vs. Wholesale Detailing

Some of you have been in the detailing industry for years and know all the terms and phrases. For those that are newer and don’t have all the terminology down yet, we have two primary segments within the industry… retail and wholesale.  You may be considering going after dealership work within your market, or maybe you are strictly all about going after the more profitable and better-paying retail work. But I encourage you to look at both when you first open for business.

“Happiness is positive cash flow.” -Fred Adler

You’re going to need cash flow when you first start up and I couldn’t care less where it comes from as long as you are making a profit. Retail is highly preferred, as there are more profits per hour in retail-based services.

On the other hand, wholesale accounts can offer an infusion of cash flow into your business and while the profits may not be as desirable, you can always drop or scale back your wholesales accounts as you build up your retail sales.