March 21, 2023 Chris Woolman

To Preserve and Protect – The Detail Mafia at the LAPD Museum

Last week, a specialized group of Detail Mafia members volunteered their time to “Preserve and Protect”  a trio of historic police cars at the LAPD Museum in Highland Park, California.

The museum was originally a police station built in 1925. In 1983, it was closed and later severely vandalized. It has since been restored by the Historical Society to its original condition and is now a registered National Historic Landmark.

The project was organized by Richard Ambroze of Guns & Hoses Detailing. He put together a team consisting of Richmond Reyes, Prentice St Clair, Anthony Marquez, Anthony Aguilar, Oscar Hernandez, Jerome Holland, Sergio Nunez and Nick Hill.

The team focused on paint correcting and ceramic coating three very special museum artifacts…

  • 1958 Chevy Del Ray LAPD patrol car
  • 1971 Plymouth Satellite patrol car used in the hit television show, Adam-12
  • 1978 Plymouth Fury, LAPD patrol car

Of course, this couldn’t have been done with just volunteer labor alone. Detailing products were supplied by P&S Detail Products, Buff and Shine Mfg., Jace Price’s The Last Detail, Autofiber and Solution Finish.

It was also very important to feed the team so they could keep working. Detailing Success, Rupes and Uber Detail in Corona, CA provided lunch throughout the project.

Richard has also organized and led projects to preserve and protect historic vehicles at the LA County Fire Museum. If you haven’t noticed, he has a passion not only preserving historic vehicles, but giving back to first responders. We are thankful for Richard’s kind heart, and we are looking forward to working with Richard in the future on more of these very special projects.