September 21, 2020 Chris Woolman

Hustle & Patience, The Ingredients of Success

One of the key elements you need in business is the ability, desire and drive to hustle. If you can’t hustle, keep your day job because without it, you are going to suck the wind right out of your business.

I view myself as a true detailing professional. I rub elbows with some amazing clients and detailing professionals from all over the world, but do you think that just happened? I hustled, worked, and sweat long hours, and performed untold hours of testing, practice and research.

Another key element is patience. Building a business and a sustainable brand does not come instantly. I meet and talk with those looking to get into the business because they think it’s easy. And if they are planning to make $10, $12 or $15 and hour, they are right. Hitting the real money at $40 to $200 an hour takes time. It takes patience to get there.