October 5, 2020 Renny Doyle

Passion Wins Battles and Builds Success

How much do you want your business? I mean, really want it? Can you taste the need? Will you immerse yourself in it? I can tell you that there are two major elements that will drive you to success, and  passion is the first and most important. Developing a strong, educated business mind is next. Not everyone is born with a brilliant business mind, but if you are dedicated, you can evolve into the great mind it will take to succeed. I have seen some amazing business minds enter detailing and fail. Why? They didn’t have a drop of passion for what they were doing, while others who were passionate as hell developed their business abilities and won big.

Let’s face it, detailing the minivan of a busy mom with messy toddlers is not fun. And, if you’re not passionate about detailing, well, good luck. Passion will get you to the launch of your business. Passion will leapfrog you over others and it will carry your to success. Your passion will drive you no matter if you are working on the minivan from hell, or the finest Ferrari money can buy.

Passion will also carry you through the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, and it will separate you from average detailers. Passion is the edge that most fail to grasp and, more importantly, what even fewer have outright. When someone with extreme passion dives int detailing, their drive for success is difficult to match or beat.

Of every tool you could have, and with all the education you could possibly gain, noting, I repeat, nothing beats passion. Just like a building, passion is only one element but it’s the strongest and most powerful foundation you have within your DNA.

Now, passion unbridled is just passion with no direction. I you combine passion with knowledge, and add in business abilities, personality and detailing talents, it will win many battles for you ant take you far with the business you start. Passion wins battles and builds success.