October 11, 2022 Renny Doyle

Tough Times Don’t Last, But Tough People Do

It’s a weird time right now. The economy is weird. Spending habits are weird. Inflation is out of control, interest rates are going up, it’s hard to find good employees, it’s hard to get people to follow through, and the stock market has been a roller coaster.

No one knows what will happen next. A recession seems inevitable, but this is an unprecedented situation. Did I mention things are weird?!

No one has a crystal ball but I know one thing…

I don’t plan on quitting, I plan on dominating.

It’s a great time to focus on your mindset. Improve your attitude. Be persistent. Develop a strategy and be resilient. It’s a great time to show up and be mentally though.

Entrepreneur and Podcast host Andy Frisella has outlined 8 habits of mentally tough people, let’s review them…

  1. Challenge Yourself
    1. Do things that require significant effort
    2. Develop new skills
    3. Be self-reliant
  2. Focus on what you can control
    1. Your efforts
    2. Your actions
    3. Your personal development
  3. Learn from your failures
    1. Own it
    2. Evaluate it
    3. Apply lessons learned
  4. Keep your promises
    1. Fulfill your obligations to others
    2. Fulfill your obligations to yourself
  5. Don’t make excuses
    1. Focus on solutions, not excuses
    2. Bottom line… NO EXCUSES
  6. Never quit
    1. Keep fighting no matter what
    2. Keep moving forward
    3. Failure (quitting) is not an option
  7. Learn to live with discomfort
    1. Actions that lead to success are uncomfortable
    2. Working hard is uncomfortable
    3. Sacrifice comfort now for comfort later
  8. Dream big… set huge goals
    1. Realistic and attainable isn’t enough
    2. Any goal is possible, so DREAM BIG
    3. Pursue big goals that require big actions

The successful business you want and the life of your dreams is out there, no matter what challenges come at you. You just need to be mentally tough. If you develop those skills, you will outlast the tough times.